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Strawberry Blond: A Light Cocktail Recipe

Strawberry Blond stands for a cocktail with strawberry flavor, which is either made with ginger ale or with beer.

Try both of them and decide which one you like better:

Strawberry Blond Recipe with Ginger Ale


1 oz strawberry liqueur
Ginger ale
1 teaspoon sugar
1 whole strawberry


Put a thin rim of sugar around a chilled cocktail glass. Then put crushed ice into glass. Pour strawberry liqueur over ice, add Ginger Ale to fill. Add strawberry for decoration.

You can vary the amount of strawberry liqueur depending on how much alcohol you like in your Strawberry cocktail. You could even substitute the strawberry liquer with strawberry syrup, it'll taste just as well and is a nice non-alcoholic drink.

Strawberry Blond Recipe with Beer

This recipe has a tradition in some parts of northern Europe and you can use strawberry or raspberry for the flavor.


1 oz strawberry syrup

Use a big glass (16 fl oz) and add 1 oz of strawberry or raspberry syrup. Fill glass with beer. For decoration, use a leaf of mint.

The variation with beer is the perfect drink for a garden party.

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