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Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

You'll find below strawberry shortcake recipes for everyone. From the laziest cooks (like myself) to the most advanced ones (like my mom).

Strawberry shortcake is one of the favorite desserts in America and Europe. The name "shortcake" unfortunately doesn't mean "short duration for preparation". If you like to do the biscuit yourself, instead of buying baking-mixes, it can take quite a lot of work.

The term "short" refers to a pastry or dough that has a high ratio of fat to flour. (Which means it’s not exactly a low calorie food. But don't worry, I will post some tasty low calorie and low carb recipes as well.)

"Shortcake" means a rich pastry enclosing fruits, and it became very popular in the mid-1800s. You can use all kinds of fruits or berries, but the most popular one is the strawberry shortcake.

Maybe these cakes are so popular, because strawberries are so much more dessert-like than apples or oranges. Once you have a bit more experience you can change the strawberries for different fruits.

By the way, my second favorite shortcake dessert is raspberry shortcake.

There is an ongoing discussion about the dough. The "purists" insist using only the original sweetened biscuit, but there exist many modern variations using pound cake, angel food cake, or sponge cake.

My opinion is rather pragmatic: use what you like most!

Below you will find recipes starting from "make everything yourself" up to "buy the biscuit, put the strawberries on top".

Enjoy! The "Original" Strawberry Shortcake

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Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipe