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Best Fudge Recipes

The best fudge recipes contain sugar, milk and butter as basic ingredients.

It's an easy and perfect but very calorie rich dessert. Therefore many fudge recipes contain additional "light" ingredients like strawberries or nuts.

You can also melt the fudge to make an easy and quick sauce to top your strawberry dessert or ice cream. The combination of fruit and chocolate flavor is a sensation!

To get the best fudge possible with a creamy smooth texture and a light brown color you need to consider two things:

First, use a candy thermometer to constantly monitor the temperature of the mixture while cooking, otherwise you will not get the desired creamy texture.

Before making the fudge, check your candy thermometer for accuracy by placing it in water and bringing the water to a boil.

The thermometer should register exactly 212° F. Any difference has to be added or subtracted when cooking the best fudge recipes.

Second, use a heavy saucepan with straight sides. This wil prevent your fudge from getting too sugary. Constantly stir while mixture heats so candy will not stick and burn.

Then remove sugar crystals from pan above the boiling level. To do this, the easiest way ist ot use part of butter in the recipe to grease pan.

Ok, now lets begin and go straight to the Best Fudge Recipes.

Hot Fudge Cake with Sundae