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Strawberry Wine Recipes With Limes

Making your own delicious homemade strawberry wine recipes is not only a wonderful hobby and rewards you with it a status of prestige and creativity.

Just imagine the praises from your friends and family when enjoying the strawberry wine that you have created yourself.

Below you'll find two easy strawberry wine recipes. If you have some experience, you can just start doing the wine right away, if not, I'd strongly recommend you to get some "wine education" beforehand.

Wine-making is not a rocket science, but you need to know some of the little tricks to make not only so-so wine, but delicious and mouth-watering strawberry wine that will be truly admired and enjoyed by your friends and family.


- 9 lbs strawberries
- 2 limes
- 8 lbs. sugar
- 5 tsp lemon juice
- 5 bags tea (steep in 1 cup water then strain until clear)
- 3 to 5 gallons water
- 5 tbl. wine yeast
- 5 tsp nutrient

Grind strawberries and limes, add sugar and let stand 24 to 36 hours. Strain then add rest of ingredients.

Run water through pulp and add to above. Add enough water to fill 5 gallon container.

Cover loosely protecting from insects and stir daily for 1 week. Skim off any foam or solids daily before stirring. Let stand another 2 to 4 weeks, then siphon and strain into another container.

When siphoning, do not siphon sludge from bottom of container. Let stand again and repeat siphoning process 2 to 4 times until wine is clear.

Bottle and let stand for at least 3 months for best flavor.

Strawberry Wine Recipe


- 4 lb Strawberries
- 1 Gallon Water
- 2 lb Sugar
- 1 tablespoon Acid Blend
- 1/2 teaspoon Grape Tannin
- 1/2 tablespoon Peptic Enzyme
- 1 tablespoon Yeast Nutrient
- 1 pack Wine Yeast or Champagne yeast
- 1 Campden Tablet

Wash and remove the stems and leaves. Use a straining bag and fill with the strawberries. Tie the top, commence crushing and mashing.

Leave straining bag in a sterilized bucket. Add ingredients except yeast. Stir well. Before you add the yeast, you will need to sterilize the must.

Crush up one campden tablet and add to the must. Stir and cover for 24 hours. Add wine yeast. Stir every day for 7 days. Siphon into jug, put rubber stopper on and airlock. Siphon every 2 weeks and add 1 crushed campden tablet every time you rack.

Bottle when clear.

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