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Balsamic Strawberry Truffles

Strawberry truffles are the non plus ultra in sweet deliciousness! At least for me :-)

The balsamic vinegar accentuates the flavor of bittersweet chocolate and makes the truffles less sweet. It enhances the fruity taste, giving you a flavor you've rarely tasted before.

Not only chocolate lovers will return for seconds when you serve them these yummy looking and delicious little goodies ... Also the people who usually don't like sweet deserts are all admiration for this tangy and sweet combination, which tastes so exquisite they won't want to stop eating until all the strawberry truffles are gone.


  • 20 oz 70% cocoa content chocolate
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • 1/4 cup dehydrated strawberries
  • 1 tsp cornstarch

Makes 40 truffles.


Break up 11 ounces of the chocolate into smaller pieces. Put pieces into a blender and pulse into fine bits.

Bring cream to a simmer, while stirring constantly. Remove cream from heat and add balsamic vinegar to the hot cream (but not simmering anymore).

Add hot cream with vinegar into blender already filled with chocolate bits and blend for 15 seconds.

Pour the mixture (also called ganache) into a glass loaf pan. Cover pan and let cool at room temperature. Once the truffle ganache has set to a firm consistency, refrigerate for several hours. Cover well before refrigerating.

Scoop out portions with an ice cream scooper or big tablespoon and create thumb tip sized truffle pieces. Once the truffles are done, it's time to coat them with fine chocolate.

Prepare a double boiler. Chop the rest of the dark chocolate into fine pieces and heat carefully until melted.

Remove from the heat and stir. Now coat the truffles as thinly as possibly with the warm (not hot) chocolate.

Prepare the dehydrated strawberries. Blend them until they are in powdered form. Add corn starch and stir.

Drop the chocolate-coated truffles into the bowl of strawberry powder. Shake gently to coat.

Allow the outer shell to set before gently removing the strawberry powdered truffle. Now place the finished truffle onto a non-stick surface and let settle for a few more minutes.


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