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Strawberry Plants For Sale

Have you ever thought of offering strawberry plants for sale? It's a nice way to make a little bit of extra money from your patch, without all of the work that farming entails.

Even if you've never worked in a nursery or considered yourself much of a green thumb, you'll be able to cultivate new strawberry plants from the runners that they put out anyway. By harvesting the runners and using them to turn a profit, you'll be keeping your patch clean as well as earning a few extra dollars.

If you're serious about growing strawberry plants for sale, then you'll need to start by buying the very best strawberry plants you can afford. Choose certified disease-free plants from a reputable grower, and check the individual plants to make sure that they are healthy and free from pests and fungal diseases.

When you're buying strawberry plants for the purpose of growing strawberry plants for sale, then you'll want to make sure you're buying plants that will grow lots of runners. June bearing strawberry plants put out more runners that everbearing or day neutral cultivars, so they are definitely the best bet. You'll also get more strawberries with June bearing plants, although they'll all come during one harvest.

In order to maximize the number of strawberry plants for sale that you're able to grow, be sure to put your plants into the ground carefully. Choose a spot that gets plenty of sun and that isn't boggy. Strawberries are susceptible to fungal diseases, so a breezy (but not windy) spot is perfect. Plant your strawberries in matted row formation--space plants 18 to 30 inches apart in rows that are three or four feet apart. This spacing will allow you to reach all of your plants, and will leave plenty of space for runners to grow.

If you're vigilant about pinching off strawberry flowers during the first growing season, then your plants will be healthier. They'll also produce a whole lot more runners, which can be harvested for sale.

Strawberry plants need to be cold set before sale. You can do this in two ways: the first is to harvest the runners in July, freeze them for 60 days, and sell the runners in October for fall planting. Or if you'd prefer, you can harvest your strawberry plants for sale in early spring and your customers can put them straight into the ground.

If you've chosen good-quality cultivars, planted them carefully, and harvested the runners properly, then you'll have lots of strawberry plants for sale. You'll also have plenty of yummy strawberries!

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