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Strawberry Planters Add Beauty To Your Garden

Strawberry planters are decorative and useful gardening containers. Whether you're looking for a way to grow your favorite fruit in a small space, want to start a small herb or flower garden, or want to dress up a drab porch or sun room, these pots will do the trick with style.

Strawberry planters, also called strawberry pots, are urn-shaped flowerpots with holes or pockets along the sides. They can be made out of terra cotta, plastic, ceramic--or any other material that can be used in the garden. Strawberry pots were originally designed for growing strawberries, and they are indeed perfect for the job.

Strawberries droop but need to be kept off the ground, so they are wonderful container plants. They also have shallow roots, so they don't mind being crammed together in a planter. Finally, strawberries don't like soggy soil, so a vertical planter provides the best kind of drainage for strawberries.

But you can use your containers for much more than for growing strawberries. Any shallow-rooted plant will do well in this type of container, especially plants that tend to droop.

Many gardeners have found that strawberry planters are great for growing a variety of herbs in a small space, since one planter can hold so many different plants. Flower enthusiasts also love being able to plant many different blossoms in one container, and it can be a lot of fun to "decorate" your strawberry pots with different flower varieties.

Not only is using strawberry planters a great way to grow several plants in a small space, but it is also a great way to dress up an unattractive outdoor space. Strawberry pots are different enough from other types of garden containers that they add visual richness to a container garden, and garden supply centers carry some truly beautiful strawberry planters. My favorite is a hand-tiled mosaic planter, a thing of beauty even before you fill it with flowers or fruit. Add a few flowers with carefully chosen colors, and a dull space becomes beautiful.

Unlike those old, worn-out pots that most gardeners have stuck in their sheds or garages, strawberry containers have so many uses and possibilities that they just might become your favorite garden container. Maybe you should buy two!

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