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Strawberry Payasam

by Thenmozhi


  • 250g dark red sweet strawberries, chopped

  • 500ml milk

  • 200g milkmaid

  • 1/2cup sugar

1.Wash the strawberries and remove its leaves.

2.Boil the milk approximately 10min and make it little bit thick.

3.Keep it on room temperature to cool down.

4.Put 1/2 cup of sugar into a vessel and add strawberries into it.

5.Put milk and strawberries mixture in a refrigerator(separately) approximately 1-2 hours

6. Add the milkmaid into chilled milk so that milk will thicken.

7. Finally add the strawberries-sugar syrup into the milk.

8. Delicious Strawberry Payasam ready

9. After 30min serve chilled.