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Mysterious Strawberries Revive Couple’s Romantic Lives then Get Eaten

by Rick
(Orlando, FL)

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Does your love life seem dried up and in a rut? Every thing seems to taste the same, smell the same and look the same? You dream of those romantic days of old with your hand under the dinner table at the Italian restaurant on a Saturday or those Friday nights kissing her goodnight on her doorstep? You know things could be better so you need ideas. How do we break out of the boring cycle?

Well, if when you want different results it’s best to try a new approach, attempt the unique and unexpected, something humorous, charming or romantic that he or she doesn’t expect- one quick jolt of romantic electricity to jumpstart your love life. This is where your kitchen comes to the rescue! That’s right- your kitchen!

Surprise him or her with something they wouldn’t expect that is so enticing and delightful, something homemade, made from the heart then they can’t resist feeling those romantic juices pumping through their heart. With a few easy recipes and a catchy message, you’ll have your partner gyrating with excitement.

Picture this scenario, they’re stressfully sitting at their desk at work, wading through the piles of paper, frantically searching for her stapler while trying to quickly respond to her annoying emails and IMs, then all of a sudden her coworker stops by and says, "You have a surprise package waiting for pick up at the security desk." She arrives to the desk with a smile on her face, opens the mysterious box and finds decadent-looking chocolate covered strawberries inside with a note that reads, "This time you can try the dessert first, but you’ll have to wait ‘til this weekend to enjoy the main course. Put on your best dress/shirt this Friday because I have another surprise in store for you. Love, (your name)."

Think that will perk up her spirits a bit and create a lot of curiosity about the upcoming date?

Chocolate covered strawberries make a great gourmet gift, they’re tasty and go well with champagne or some type of white wine. Change things up from the normal routine and you both will experience a new gush of fresh romantic air.

Rick loves spoiling his girlfriend with delicious gifts. Most people love desserts and candy so he designed a website filled with sweets and candy gifts to surprise those special people in your life. He’s organized the site by item, occasion and person. Check it out!

To make chocolate covered strawberries check out the recipe here.