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This fantastic E-cookbook packed with over 100 different absolutely delicious and easy to make Strawberry Recipes can be yours in just a few minutes.

It will explain you step by step how to prepare over 100 of the most delicious strawberry recipes.

The varietey of recipes explained will include dessert recipes, but also salads, drinks, jams ,smoothies, and much more.

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Have a look at some of the mouth watering and healthy recipes you will get with the "Strawberry Recipes Collection":

* Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
* Strawberry Cinnamon Muffins
* Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
* Coconut Strawberry Salad
* Strawberry Chicken Salad
* Rhubarb Straberry Jam
* Strawberry Margarita
* Frozen Strawberry Juice

...and many more

The Strawberry Recipes Collection contains over 100 different mouth-watering Strawberry Recipes that will not only taste good, and make you shine with your guests, but have excellent nutritional value as well!

The Strawberry Recipes Collection can be yours in a few minutes for the introductory price of just US $9.95.

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The Strawberry Recipes Collection Would Make a Perfect Gift As Well

Here are some more of the super delicious recipes you will receive. All of them easily understandable and explained in every detail.

* Low-Carb Strawberry Shake
* Banana Orange Strawberry Shake
* Easy Strawberry Tart
* Strawberry Shortcake

And the e-book includes a detailed glossary, as well as nutritional information, tips on how to freeze strawberries, as well as personal tips for many of the recipes.

You won't find another Strawberry Recipes cookbook with the same detailed information anywhere online or offline.

All this for just US $9.95.

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